24 July 2014

The Lack of The Internet

I finally took my laptop into to have it checked because I was having so many problems with Facebook and other sites.  The folks said it would be 2-3 days, but that was over a weekend, and they took a bit longer, and..

And I didn't miss it all that much!

What I missed:

  • looking up a couple of facts about cats
  • finding out when my books would arrive

What I didn't miss:

  • the pettiness of many people
  • the negativity overall of most sites
  • all the drama related to someone else's ill cat
  • random requests for immediate help with a sick cat
I honestly did feel very much calmer and quieter inside without the internet.  Now that it's back into my life, I'm hoping that I can control how much I'm on the internet so all the negativity does not come back.

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