10 December 2014

Facebook "Improves" Again

Once again, Facebook has improved something to the extent that I, being the last person in the Western hemisphere on dial-up, can no longer use it.  Yes, I know (according to a lot of people) -- I should fork over the $60/month and get satellite internet, but why?  So I can get on Facebook?  Is it worth $60 + taxes per month?

What is the worth of Facebook?  What do I get out of it?  That's a couple of interesting questions, because I can think of several reason why Facebook is not worth it, even if it was free.  Namely:

  • lots of bitching, bickering, and pettiness by adults who act like 5 year olds
  • more and more people wanting money for either themselves or for their cats which desperately need _________ treatment and they can't afford
  • people who I either have never talked to or only casually know suddenly asking me to diagnose and suggest treatment for their cat and then NOT taking the advice
  • posts in groups are barely searchable so it's a pain in the butt to look something up
  • a specific group of do-gooders who want to save persians (noble ambition) but whose method is to annoy the rescue people who are actually doing the work in the trenches
  • the fact that 95% of all users basically 'share' items and never write anything meaningful on their timeline
So why use Facebook?
  • I have met a few really good friends (after sifting through a whole lot of people).
  • I can help cats via my Facebook group on feline health.
This latter reason is, right now, the only legitimate reason why I stay on Facebook.  My true friends I call or email.  My cat group has helped a lot of cats, and for that I'm happy, but it comes at a price to me.  This is horrible to say but sometimes I feel I neglect my cats just so I can help other people's cats.  I will admit that I have learned a few things either from what others have said or because I looked up various things.  But couldn't I just read and look up things on my own?  Yes.

So I'm back to the initial question/situation -- why spend $60+/month to get an internet connect that can allow me back onto Facebook with no real benefits when I pay $12/month and can get to basically everywhere else I want to go?  I really can't think of a good reason....

Back to blogging!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are not missing anything Linda LOL! I think we get addicted to it at times which is not good. I know I am trying to cut down on my habit. Glad you are back here so we can keep in contact. Always wish you the best in life! Joane