31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014!

I can't say I'm sorry to see 2014 go -- it was bad at times, great at other times, but just overall tiring.

Dante, RIP

The bad times:
  • Tom, my dear husband, had a couple of really bad spells where I thought he would actually die.  
  • Dante, my old 22 year cat, finally had to be put to sleep.
  • Bodhi, my crazy persian kitten, was sick enough to spend 3 days in a the ER vet clinic.
  • I lost some friends  -- some because they did die and some because they walked away.
The good times:
  • I directly helped to save 6 persians!
  • Tom (and I) got a cute, adorable persian kitten named Bodhi.
  • Peaches got some grand points in one cat show.
  • Bodhi, Halloween 2014
  • I met some truly special people.
Overall, I didn't like the year.  It was like waiting for something else bad to happen and that's never a good feeling.  I do hope 2015 is better, but I suspect I will lose Robbie and who knows what will happen to Tom.

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