15 February 2015

Maggie Day

This is the hardest day of the year -- the day my Maggie died.

For those who don't know her story, she was used and abused by a backyard breeder and then dumped. She was under 3 lbs and covered in sores when I got her from the shelter. Someone had tried to trim her mats, but instead cut into her to the bone of her tail.  Shortly after coming home, she got herpes which went to her eyes. One burst from an ulcer and was removed. The other one burst and was grafted, twice, and was saved. She also had cancer in her mouth, which eventually killed her. I had her 16 months which was a brief instant and lifetime....

She loved to play with her mousies, her turbo track, and her jingle balls.  At night, at 2:30am, she used to go to her waterbowl in the bedroom and howl at it.  It got to the point I would wake up to hear it.  And when she was gone, I woke up and didn't hear it.

Most of all she loved to lay in the sun on me. She snuggled to me every night of her life here, including the night before she died when she could barely walk.

Maggie was special. No other cat before or after her has just a joyous spirit. Give her a few minutes of love and attention and she was thrilled.


And that is Maggie's gift to me, it's her legacy. And it's something I want to you to pass on. Please, spend 5 or 10 minutes with each of your cats today. Just love them for the special beings that they are. 

Cherish them while they are still alive.

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