27 February 2006

It May Be a Few Days...

Just thought I would let people know -- I haven't fallen off the planet, yet. But with 2 threats on the horizon, I just might disappear for a few days.

First, I'm trying to fight off a cold. I don't really have a cold -- just the sore throat and a slightly runny nose. If I keep warm and take it easy, normally I don't actually get totally sick. If I do get sicker, I can see myself sitting here at my computer wrapped up in a blanket. (Or sitting at my drawing table either.)

Second, and more likely, there's storms coming in tonight and tomorrow. Los Angeles is getting rain now and they say even the Palm Springs will get some rain. Whether that will reach us here (we have mountains on 2 sides), I don't know but the clouds are moving in and it looks like it might be sprinkling now. Well, the phone lines out here are old and buried. If we get enough rain, often the phone lines get crackly so that a dial-up modem tends to discount. Or, if there's any lightning strikes in a 20 miles radius, the lights go out. Or the lights will flicker just for good measure. In any case, I usually avoid using my computer when it's raining up here.

So, I may or may not write an installment tomorrow or Wednesday, but I'll be back!

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