04 March 2006

Time to Relax

I hadn't realized how stressed I was from hubby's truck problems until yesterday afternoon, when my stomach started to hurt. See, when I get anxious, I hold my breath, which then leads to stomach pain. Not the best way to handle stress but at least I know when I'm really upset by something.

So, today, I'm taking the day off from my normal stuff -- I'm putting the portraits aside, forgetting about marketing, and getting out some oil paints. I still want to do something useful, but I need a break from concentrating and trying to meet someone else's expectations. If I work on an oil for myself, I don't have any pressure on me, except to produce something I'm pleased with. Often when I'm upset, I like to work on a stone sculpture -- the slow, methodical tapping is very therapeutic -- but it's a bit chilly and I don't want to drag all the tools out for one day. Besides, I would like to get a few small paintings done so that I can either sell them on eBay or at art shows.

Or maybe I'll work on a woodblock print?
Or maybe I'll paint the study's walls?
Or maybe I'll just sit around and read? (Presently, I'm reading The Mote in God's Eye.)
Or maybe......

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