28 May 2006

A Return to Sculpture

Oops, it's been a few days since I last wrote. While I have blogging scheduled for the morning, before I get to work, I just don't seem to have time for it then. Okay, so part of the problem is that I haven't been getting up early so that I can get everything done and still have time to write this. The other problem is that I've been a bit whiny and I have to whine all the time in my blog.

So, since I last wrote, I finished 2 small paintings, started work on a large portrait commission, and ordered some wood.

Wood?! Yep, I got looking around on eBay and noticed there were hardly any realistic wood sculpture. I don't know if there's a market for it or not, or if the market doesn't pay very well, but I'm giving it a try. I'm not going to quit doing paintings and drawings, but the sculpting will be in addition to everything else. I'll probably only finish 3-5 pieces a year.

The other reason I'm returning to sculpting is that I like doing it. I stopped doing it because I never was able to sell it in local art shows. And I know this isn't a great excuse, but there is a limit on hom many pieces I can store! But everytime I walked by my carving tools, or had to move a chunk of marble to get to something else, something inside me cried. I miss the challenge of working in 3-D.

So, I'll be spending my weekends, and maybe an hour here and there during the week, working on a sculpture. Most of them will be small -- because the wood I have is small and because shipping large pieces is a nightmare. I have a number of interesting ideas and can hardly wait for the wood to arrive.

This may be the thing I need to pick up my spirits some. While I'm selling things okay on eBay, and have a few commissions waiting for me, I've felt somewhere between an art-prostitute and a waster of supplies. My recent bouquet series -- such as the roses in a vase -- have really left me feeling like I want to put more expression and meaning into my work. The problem with both botanical watercolors and portraits is that neither should have the artist's expression in them. Their whole point is an accurate rendering of what is there -- not what I want to be there. The bouquets have allowed me more expression. I'm hoping the sculptures will really be a great way to express my ideas and feelings.

And now, off to sharpen some gouges!

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