21 July 2011

Book Review: All My Patients Are Under The Bed

All My Patients Are Under the Bed by Louis J. Camuti
ISBN: 0671242717

All My Patients Are Under The Bed: Memoirs of a Cat DoctorThis book is about Dr. Camuti, a veterinarian in New York City whose practice is mainly cats. This book is a collection of stories, short anecdotes, and remembrances from his 50+ years of practice.

Overall, the book was entertaining.  The true character of Camuti as a crusty old vet comes through clearly.  The good doctor had some interesting patients and owners to deal with, including many well-known celebrities. I found myself chuckling in a number of places, when the doctor, the cat, and the owner are having difficulties. And since the chapters were short with breaks in them, it made for a delightful bedtime reading.

On the down side, the writing could have been better. I suspect it was written from tape recordings as it has a rambling, disjointed style in many places. The chapters are only slightly centered on one topic. 

While the writing wasn't the best, the stories were fun and about cats, so I probably will reread this book at some point.  )

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