10 January 2013

Cats, UTIs, and Herbal Treatment

Note to readers:  Somehow I had envisioned me discussing grand, eloquent discussions on weighty topics, but looking over the recent posts, I'm settling for less grand, basically readable, and fairly random posts.  And I'm not sure I care!

Today's topic is: Cats, UTIs, and herbal treatment

For those that don't know what a UTI is, it is short for urinary tract infection.  This can be from bacteria alone or from bacteria relating to bladder stones or crystals.  The cat will go from one box to another, peeing tiny amounts or just drops.  In males, if the inflammation or crystals get too much, the urethra can block and the cat can be dead within 12-24 hours.  (This is an emergency situation and I would take the boy to a vet, even on an emergency call.)  In females, the chances of blocking is slim.

So, Monday as I was getting ready to go to work, I noticed Olivia visiting several boxes, one after another, and peeing only drops.  She has done this before, I've had other cats do this, so I knew what it was and, of course, I went into panic-mode!  (Anyone who thinks I remain calm when my cats are ill doesn't know me.)

I knew I couldn't get her to a vet that night after work and I was out of antibiotics, so grabbed what I could figure out and tried it.  I gave her 1/2 a cranberry tablet, 1/2 a 500mg VitC, and 4 drops of echinacea glycerate.  And then did a whole lot of worrying the whole day.  Hubby reported good things at lunch -- no frequent trips to the box.

So, I've given this combination to her (echinacea in food, VitC and cranberry as pills) since Monday and she now is showing no symptoms at all.

I am so relieved.  And before anyone worries, I did mooch some antibiotics from a friend just in case.

My big concern is why this happened again.  I suspect it is stress related.  She's had UTIs 2 other times -- each near the time she got a bath.  I know she takes the blow drying, but maybe I'm underestimating the amount of stress it causes.  Or maybe her system is slightly 'down' -- a friend has recommended Immunoplex for a couple of months, to help build her immune system.  I'm also thinking of Cosequin to help strengthen the bladder.

I know, this is the part where I say, "I'll be sure to ask my vet.  And don't you try any of this without asking your vet."  Honestly, I may eventually mention it to my vet next time we chat, but I won't be making a special trip up there for her to tell me this is a great treatment.


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Kitty Cat looks great, such a sweet picture of her

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