01 January 2013

My Other Special Present

As I said earlier today, I did receive two extraordinary presents this year.  Neither technically were Christmas presents, but both came from special people and both really touched my heart.

The second one was this quilt my friend had made for me.  It's a simple design -- just squares -- made out of flannel.  Some of the fabric is plain, other fabric has cats.  Many of the plain blank squares are embroidered with cat sayings or images.  But what makes it so very special is that it has the names of almost all my cats on it -- living and dead.  (She really can't be expected to know all the cats I've had from over 10 years before I met here!)  I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but laying under this blanket makes me feel like I'm snuggling to all my kitties, even though some are no longer her.


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