19 January 2013

Poor Wendy -- Stupid Me

Some days I will never learn.  I know Wendy can't handle beef, canned food, or kibble, so I got her some pheasant (frozen commercial raw food) and fed it to her 2 meals in a row.  She spent most of the afternoon curled up, not active, slightly miserable.  So, I need to add commercial raw to the Wendy Food Caution List, with the note for only one meal...

To be honest, I don't know what part of the food caused the problem.  The two leading candidates are:

  1. The sudden switch in food caused her tummy to be upset.  While pheasant is probably close to chicken (at least closer than say beef), it is different and would require slightly different enzymes and bacteria to digest it.  The food is also HPP (high pressure pasteurized) which does effect the proteins. If it effects the proteins enough, or if my nuking it effected them, the food may actually be semi-raw. (Raw vs. cooked food in my opinion is handled by a cat's digestion in different ways -- I can't yet prove this, but I've seen results.)
  2. The food lacks enough fiber so she's mildly constipated.  Wendy was 'diagnosed' as having the beginnings of megacolon.  Her pooping has never been normal and small changes will effect it.  Even though I put psyllium in the homemade raw, with Wendy, I still have to add a teaspoon of pumpkin also.  I'm thinking between the lack of fiber and water in the food, she may be slightly plugged up.
So I wait...  I did get my homemade cat food made with extra fiber for her and she did eat some, which is good.  But it's so sad to see Wendy not my happy little girl.


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