11 February 2013

Clancy Keeps Going

I just thought I should update how Clancy is doing.


Yes, the cat who had a creatnine level of ~8.2 over  two years ago is fine.
Yes, the cat I treated for thyroid problems even though his bloodwork said it was okay is fine.
Yes, the cat who was drooling and not eating 4 months ago is fine.
And yes, the cat who couldn't walk for 2 hours a couple of weeks ago is fine.

Clancy, the Conundrum, continues on....

Seriously, the only noticeable 'problem' he has right now is that his fur is oily and matted near his tail and had to be shaved off.  I would have bathed him, but I worry about over stressing him.

I know we are on borrowed time and he has cashed in several lives.  He has, however, become more affectionate and snuggly, so I do wonder if he understands that his time is limited.

I'm also very thankful for him.  More than ever before.  He has taught me a lot about CRF, trusting my instincts, and diet.

I wish there was more I could do for him and truly heal him.  But I know that physically that won't happen.  I am beginning to believe that his shattered little personality is beginning to heal.  He is so enjoying the petting and snuggling now -- until a couple of years ago.


Anonymous said...

Linda i do love your Clancy he is adorable and yes a conundrum for sure. I hope you have more time with him. They say they will tell us when its time and he isnt ready to say goodbye. You do everything right and for his health as many wouldnt go to this level of care. Its called unconditional love

L.M. Hornberger said...

Thanks, Cherie. As long as he wants to fight and continue on, I'm there for him. I'm just thrilled he is not suffering mentally like he was when we got him.

Barbara said...

Clancy is a beautiful boy. I hope he keeps on enjoying the petting and the snuggling for a long time to come.

L.M. Hornberger said...

He's definitely enjoying being affectionate, which is a total change for him from when I got him. He was aloof and a tad psychotic -- would bite hard for no reason. But his mental state has calmed down to the point he will snuggle. Really warms my heart.