12 January 2016

A Simple Recipe for Bone Broth

I've seen a number of cat people encourage owners with sick cats to make bone broth.  This broth supposedly will be loved by cats and will provide them with lots of vital nutrients.

I do remember trying it years ago.  All I really remember of it was that the cats didn't particularly like it and I eventually through the frozen stuff away.  But maybe it was the cats, or the problems, or my preparation... I'm willing to give it another try.

Here's a recipe I found on a website called Pet360.com :

Place bones in pot and cover with water. For each gallon of water, add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, for the natural acids that break down bones to release their minerals. Slice in some carrots for flavor; before adding any other vegetables or seasonings. Make sure to consult your vet to be sure all ingredients are feline-safe. Cats should never eat anything containing onions, chives, scallions or garlic—these are all toxic for cats.

Simmer on low heat until any remaining meat residue falls off the bones. Remove  meat and vegetables. Let the bones simmer for another 20-24 hours. Your cat will hover, curious about the yummy scent.

When cooking time is up, skim off the separated fat, remove and discard all bones. Let broth cool completely and transfer to small containers and ice cube trays for easy freezing.

Get bone broth on your cat’s menu by serving it over dry cat food, letting the nuggets soak up the flavor and nutrients. You can also spoon it over canned food like gravy. Or offer a broth cube as a savory ‘popsicle’ that your cat will eagerly lick. That’s another of bone broth’s many health benefits—your cat will definitely enjoy the treat.

From http://www.pet360.com/cat/health/6-ways-bone-broth-serves-up-benefits-for-cats/S46iGtRWEE-Qr4Pg08dcuw

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