29 December 2012

Weird Day

This was just a strange day.  Not sure I liked, but not sure I disliked it.  It seemed to be filled with minor, temporary problems.

Problem 1:  Clarissa, my tortoiseshell Persian, didn't want to eat breakfast.  What?!  She always wants to eat. Instead, she let me hold her which is also strange.  So, no breakfast.  She did eat some lunch but not enthusiastically.  But by supper, she was starving as usual.  What happened?  Hairball is my guess, but since she comes from inbred lines, she does have the potential for serious problems, so I was fairly worried.

Problem 2:  The weather went from warm and sunny at lunch, to cloudy and misting at 4pm, to clear tonight. I suppose we are having a storm front move through, which doesn't thrill me because of #3.

Problem 3:  Anya, my lilac point Himalayan  has a snotty nose.  She normally is snorty, but this has real snot.  I've got her on echinacea but if this doesn't clear up by Monday, she's going to a vet.

Problem 4: Not really a problem, but weird -- got an email from a cousin wondering if I'm the Linda H from Iowa.  I really don't know how to respond to it.  On the one hand, I have not reason to be nasty to him.  On the other hand, I do have issues with my childhood and I have no idea what he wants.

Problem 5: I didn't get much done.  I spent the morning chatting with friends on Facebook and the afternoon snuggled to Wendy.  I had planned on going into town but between Clarissa and the weather, that didn't happen.  Tomorrow I need to get going on doing things I want to do!

Speaking of which, I did get Olivia bathed yesterday.

She's not the most cooperative of cats.  The bathing part was okay -- a few half-hearted escape attempts, but nothing serious and no blood.  The blood came when I was blow drying her.  Since she's a Persian with long hair, I have to blow dry her or it would take 4-8 hours for her to dry.  And while the house is warm, she would get very cold by the time she was dry.  So, I blow dry her.

And she doesn't like it.  She got me a couple times with her claws, despite being trimmed.  It still took over an hour to get her reasonably dry.  But the end results were worth it -- a clean, soft, nice smelling cat!

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